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The Embargo Portal

The Embargo Portal gives you in-depth analytics of your customer base and the ability to measure loyalty.
It will be your main tool to improve the experience for your regulars, as well as reward, communicate and draw conclusions to drive business.

  • Identify your regular customers
  • Create push message and e-mail campaigns to reach out to your loyal customers and those who've stopped coming
  • Build and adapt your bespoke loyalty scheme
  • Post events and news to keep your audience engaged
  • Access to local influencers to become your brand ambassadors

How can we help?

We help maximise your regular customers' potential and get new customers to visit, through one simple platform.

Quick set up

It takes 5 mins to join! All we need is to set-up your loyalty scheme, upload your logo and set a launch date. We take care of the rest.


Improve your marketing based on customer analytics, and communicate directly with them


The portal will process and visualise your data to drive business


You'll be exposed to all of our Embargo users on the app


Create your customised loyalty scheme


Check what people say
About us!

“Really useful to not only drive new footfall to our venues, but also to encourage and reward loyalty from our guests."

Anna Griffiths
Sales Manager at
Simmons Bars

“I have worked in this industry for many years and I have never seen a platform as powerful. The Portal tools are genius."

Alex Usovs
Manager at
D&D London Group

“The features on Embargo are the best I've seen in the industry."

Jonny Boud
Founder of
Passo, Foley’s &
The Rum Kitchen
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